The second round of the second round of the fire coin PRIME was over: the third round of 16130 people grabbed, the highest winning amount of 1957RMB

According to the official news of the fire currency, at 20:30 on April 16th, the second phase of the FONZE PRIME trading period ended. In the third round, a total of 1 billion pieces of NEW were traded, accounting for 50% of the total price of three rounds of limit trading. The limit of buying 0.001043 HT, equivalent to 0.0024 USDT, was about 60% of NEW's last exchange price (about US$0.004). During the third round of “rushing”, a total of 16,130 people bought NEW from the market, and the third round of the highest amount was 1957RMB. It is reported that the Firecoin Global Station will open HT/NEW free trade at 20:50, and set 5 times opening protection 5 minutes before the opening.