Market Analysis: BTC is weaker in the upward will, and needs to follow up the opportunity rhythm

BTC formed a rebound today and was blocked by the 5-day moving average. It was once again suppressed downwards. The current price is running on the 10-day moving average. The upward movement is weakened and the trend area is glued. The 5-day moving average wears a 10-day moving average to form a gold fork. There is a further upward trend, while the MACD indicator tends to be parallel below the 0-axis. The STOCH indicator maintains a glue-bonded posture at the 20-level line. The upward will is not strong, and the trend continues to be suppressed below the 5-day moving average. The situation is still in the adjustment stage. If the follow-up trend can break through to the 8300 line, it is expected to form an upward trend; the RSI indicator will remain parallel in the 20 horizontal line, and the subsequent trend will enter the trend of shock adjustment.

In the four-hour chart of BTC, the price touched the middle of the Bollinger Band and suffered a reversal of the rebound. The rebound failed to form an effective breakthrough. The pressure on the top increased, and the trend directly fell below the Bollinger Band, which will form a downward trend. The STOCH indicator will form a line in the 20 horizontal line. Fork, the downward will strengthens, the short-term quantity can continue to flow out, the trend has a further downward trend, the follow-up suggestion is mainly empty, follow the 8050 position in the 8160 line, pay attention to the upper resistance 8200-8300 position, the lower support 8000- 8050 location.

ETH stopped the rebound momentum on the 10th moving average, but failed to break through the 5-day moving average and entered the shock adjustment interval. The STOCH indicators intersected and the market sentiment was glued, and the trend will continue to maintain the adjusted posture; 5 The daily average line breaks the 10-day moving average to form a gold fork, and the trend has a further upward trend. However, the upward strength is insufficient, and it is difficult to break the key support area. The follow-up will continue to oscillate and adjust. The operation suggestion is low and low. In 170, follow up and see more than 175. position.

The LTC callback formed a rebound near the 10-day moving average. After further breaking the 5-day moving average, the market sentiment followed by the bullish sentiment, and the short-term entered the uptrend phase. The current trend was blocked at the previous high point and then remained in the 5-day moving average. Run upwards, the market volume can be enhanced, and the follow-up posture will continue upward. Once the 58-60 position is broken upwards, it will enter the outbreak phase. If it fails to break, it will continue to adjust. Today, the trend is biased upwards, and the operation suggestion callback is more, at 54- 55 line up to see more than 57 positions.