Cook: Apple has no intention of pushing digital cryptocurrencies, hoping that trade barriers in Europe and the United States will return to normal.

According to foreign media reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Thursday that he hopes to see trade barriers in Europe and the United States return to normal. For the current high-profile digital cryptocurrency project, Cook said that Apple has no plans yet .

Cook said in a conversation with students in Florence, Italy yesterday: "I believe that free trade relations are positive for everyone."

Prior to this, the United States said it would impose tariffs on a range of European products in response to the EU's illegal aircraft subsidies. Cook said that he hopes to see trade barriers "normalized and return to zero or close to zero."

In addition, Cook said in an interview with the French "Ess Echos" yesterday that Apple has not yet launched a plan to digital cryptocurrency.

Three months ago, Facebook released its own digital cryptocurrency Libra, which is scheduled to be officially launched in June 2020. Although Libra will be managed by the Libra Association of dozens of US technology giants, Libra has also caused strong doubts in the industry.

Yesterday, when asked if Apple would follow Facebook's launch of its own digital cryptocurrency, Cook said it is not yet in his schedule.

He says:

"No. I really think that monetary rights should remain in the hands of the state. The idea of ​​a private group setting up a competitive currency makes me feel uncomfortable. A private company should not seek to gain power in this way."

Obviously, Cook’s attitude is somewhat different from Apple’s previous attitude. In early September, Jennifer Bailey, Apple's vice president of mobile payment for Apple Pay, said in an interview that Apple is focusing on digital cryptocurrency technology, which is very interesting and has long-term development potential.

Bailey said at the time:

“We believe that digital cryptocurrency is very interesting and has long-term potential. But for now, we focus on what consumers are currently using.”

Cook also said yesterday:

"Currency is like national defense and needs to be in the hands of countries. This is the core of their mission. We elect our representatives to assume their government responsibilities. The company is not elected and should not go in this direction."