If Nakamoto has not been anonymous, will Osho will still jump out of the mouth of the entire BSV?

Lightning torch promoter Hodlonaut said that "Ao Ben Cong" was not a war of words because of Nakamoto. Okamoto was angry and said that he would sue Hodlonaut, and threatened to spend $5,000 to dig up his personal information. Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the Currency Exchange, couldn’t see the eye. The BSV was removed from the currency, and the BSV fell.

Why does Nakamoto must consider anonymity and disappear?

The monopoly power of currency issuance is self-evident to the country. When the war between the United States and Britain ended, the first and eighth paragraphs of the new constitution were the power to give the US Congress coins.

Later, the US Constitution directly prohibited citizens from printing or casting private currencies to compete or compete with the US dollar. In 1998, Bernard von Nothaus decided to challenge this decree. He called himself a money designer and created a currency that was valued by precious metals and named it the liberty dollar. Free dollar coins come in three forms:

• Coins such as gold coins and silver coins • Banknotes similar to receipts • Electronic money

The consequence of the challenge was that the US authorities treated him as a domestic terrorist and sentenced him to piracy, fraud and conspiracy, and sentenced him to 22 years in prison.

Later, Bernard accepted an interview. He talked about a hacker meeting in the Netherlands. A friend of Nakamoto and Bernard discussed free dollar coins. Bernard believed that free dollar coins gave Nakamoto to create bits. Inspiration for the currency , but Bernard’s challenge to the US government to mint private money also gave Nakamoto a inspiration, so Nakamoto published an anonymous way to publish the Bitcoin white paper, which has also kept a low profile and discussed bitcoin technology with others. The problem never reveals any personal information. After handing over the bitcoin to other programmers, it will disappear directly.

Although everyone would like to know the true identity of Nakamoto, but who is in the middle of this, it is obviously irrelevant to the operation of Bitcoin . Just like we don't know who Newton is, it doesn't affect our application of the law of universal gravitation. Newton's death, the law of universal gravitation he found is still widely used.

02 “Ao Ben Cong”

In "An old one-year-old "the father of Bitcoin", Ben Cong, the hidden information in the birth of the book," we mentioned that after the disappearance of Nakamoto, many people pretend to be Nakamoto, and these people have been persevering. I tirelessly call myself that Satoshi Nakamoto is Australia's Craig Stephen White, and the users in the circle call it "Ao Ben Cong" – Australia's Nakamoto.

In 2016, Craig Stephen White said that he was Satoshi Nakamoto who created Bitcoin and could provide evidence. As soon as the explosive news came out, Craig's home in Gordon, New South Wales, and the relevant business premises in Ryde, Sydney, were raided by the Australian Federal Police. The reason for the police is that the raid was part of the investigation of the Australian Taxation Office.

Then Bitcoin's former chief developer, Gavin Andreson, also took a plane to meet with Craig in London. After the meeting, Gavin thought that Craig was the one who had been working with himself to modify the bitcoin code. . Although he had not witnessed Craig’s proof of the true body, he confirmed and confirmed that he was sitting next to Ben Bong’s father, Bitcoin. He was very happy to shake hands with Craig and thank him for Bitcoin was handed over to the world.

However, the so-called evidence provided by Craig was all untenable. It was a fake Nakamoto Satoshi. Everyone dubbed him as Nakamoto of Australia, or Abbot. Although Oban is the father of fake bitcoin, Gavin’s true adoptive father regrets that he has mistaken his father. Others have doubts about his judgment, and then with other developers on the bitcoin system. There was a serious disagreement with the upgrade. The Bitcoin code was last submitted on May 27, 16 and then exited the Bitcoin core development team .

Do you think that the real Nakamoto should appear? Will his appearance be good or bad for Bitcoin? Write your opinion and reason in the message area.


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