Russians sued Apple for "becoming" gay after cryptocurrency transactions

According to foreign media reports, recently, Apple has become the focus of anger in the Russian lawsuit. The plaintiff pointed out that Apple's App Store's easing policy has made it a homosexuality – which is unacceptable in the country and has caused moral and mental damage. In response, the anonymous man asked Apple to pay 1 million rubles. It is understood that the man ordered an unknown number of bitcoins through a smartphone app this summer, but received 69 so-called "GayCoins". The document shows that the man posted a note on the cryptocurrency that says "Don't make a conclusion before trying." The plaintiff continues to blame Apple for its role in its current predicament. "Apple turned me into homosexuality through manipulation. And these changes have brought me moral and spiritual damage." The man's lawyer Sapizhat Gusnieva told the media that the case was very serious and her client was very afraid and very pain. Gusnieva pointed out that although cryptocurrency purchases are made on a third-party application that is not related to Apple, the tech giant has a responsibility to manage applications on its App Store. A Russian court will hear the lawsuit on October 17.