Hackers return 17 domain names stolen in Ethereum domain name service auction

On October 4th, the hackers decided to return all 17 Ethereum domain names stolen from the Ethereum Domain Name Service (ENS) auction. OpenSea, the digital collectibles market, said that all stolen ENS names have been successfully returned and that domain bidding will resume in the coming weeks. In early September, hackers successfully used the ENS bidding process to steal 17 domain names, which was lower than other users. It is reported that the stolen domain name has been blacklisted, and in order to recover the domain name, OpenSea said it will return the hacker to purchase the domain name payment, and provide him with 25% of the winning bid price. Earlier on October 1st, Ethereum Name Service's domain name auction was suspended due to a bug that caused the auction domain to be incorrectly awarded to users with lower bids.