Opinion: Despite the lower price, BTC still performed best in 2019, and rebounded in the next few months.

CoinDesk said today that despite recent price declines, Bitcoin is still the best performing asset in 2019. Bitcoin prices have more than doubled in 2019, far exceeding the 31% return of US technology stocks. Gold prices have risen 17% since December 31; and as of September 30, the S&P 500 returns It is 21%; the 10-year US Treasury yield is only 1.6%, close to the historical low. Goldman Sachs sees it as the best performing asset class to date. Excess returns may attract the interest of large investors in traditional financial markets where yields are scarce. At the same time, data company Messari executives said that the current price of about $8,200 in bitcoin, the price may rebound to a new high in the remaining months of this year, more than $12,902 in June.