Japanese court dismissed Coinlab’s $16 billion claim against Mt. Gox for a compensation of less than $4 million

The Japanese court rejected Coinlab’s $16 billion claim against Mt. Gox and only awarded compensation of approximately $4 million. At the creditors meeting held on Tuesday, MT Gox’s trustee disclosed the latest status report: “On August 30, 2019, the court ruled on CoinLab, Inc.’s claim evaluation application, which approved 384,857,605 yen ( Claims at the current exchange rate of approximately $360,700) and approved for delay damages. It is unclear whether this means that the issue has been resolved because the trustee stated that CoinLab, Inc. can appeal the assessment and it is not clear at this time. How long must they appeal? It is reported that Coinlab is the largest creditor of Mt. Gox.