Market Analysis: BTC once again broke the 8000 line, the battle of the bears took the upper hand

The BTC trend continued to test the 8000 line. The bullish rebound in the afternoon was extremely weak. After further suppression, it broke out. It broke the 8000 and quickly bought it below the low point. Currently, it went directly to the 7910 position. Today's trend fully verified the author's suggestion. The decline has already Forming, the downswing behavior will continue, follow-up operations need to do a good job of prevention and control measures and bottoming measures, and repeatedly suppress if the bottom line can continue to hold, then the market will once again give a long chance, the current pressure broke out, Keep back to the empty mind before returning to the upper area of ​​8000.

In the four-hour chart, the trend broke the Bollinger Band and further moved to the lower low point. The Bollinger Bands showed a downward downward posture, and the downtrend will continue to rise downwards. The moving averages are arranged in a short position, and the upper heavy resistance has been formed. The MACD indicator runs downwards, STOCH runs near the 20 horizontal line, and the RSI continues to move downwards at the 50 level. The follow-up will enter the downward trend. The operation is recommended to be empty, and more than one is supplemented. Follow up around 7980-8000. The short list is seen in the 7900 area. It is currently falling near 7900. The four-hour indicator has an adjusted attitude. If the follow-up fails to break, the short-term trend will enter the adjustment stage, and the short-selling will also weaken, paying attention to the 7900 first-line support.

ETH stepped out of the glued area and further tested the key support areas below. In the near future, it also adjusted the test in the area for many days. However, the breakthrough was insufficient, the market volume was lacking, and the trend was still in the shock range adjustment. The hourly trend continued to downward trend. Weak consolidation, short-term pressure increase, downside risk becomes larger, follow-up can focus on 170-173 position support, if you fail to break the region, the trend will still be in the adjustment stage, you can look at the high position, the current pressure is enhanced, the short-term can be seen Near 173, the operation suggestion is much lower, pay attention to the upper resistance 176-178 position.

The LTC trend has a further downward trend. The four-hour trend has a further downward posture in the middle of the Bollinger Band. The MACD indicator has formed a dead fork. The STOCH indicator and the RSI indicator continue to run downward, and the follow-up will enter the downward trend. The current trend touched the MA60 to stop falling and rebound, but the lack of strength, the overall trend is still suppressed, the downside will continue to go deeper, the operation is recommended to be empty, mainly in the 56-57 area can follow the empty list to see 55-54 Nearby, after the profit, you can leave the field in time, pay attention to the 53-50 position of the support below, the upper resistance 58-60 position.