Overseas team proposes to optimize the EOS main network CPU allocation mechanism

According to MEET.ONE, overseas media EOS Go recently collaborated with security engineer Dexaran and published an analysis report on stress testing on the EOS main network. The study believes that EOS adopts a CPU allocation mechanism similar to that of peaks and valleys (the CPU allocated in idle mode is 1000 times larger than that in congestion mode, because users who consider mortgage EOS are not using CPU every moment, so you can idle when you are idle. "borrow" someone else's CPU. But when the system is "congested", it is used according to the originally calculated pledge ratio). Users can rent a large number of CPUs and NETs from REX with very few EOSs. This may lead to an attacker using a small amount of EOS to lease a large number of CPUs and NETs, ​​which may lead to network congestion. It is recommended that Block.one optimize the CPU allocation mechanism on EOS. .