The EOSIO 2.0 release candidate is now available, and BM says it's super fast

Today, Block. one publishes "EOSIO 2.0: Performance Optimization, Security Upgrades, and New Developer Tools." EOSIO 2.0 is committed to making EOSIO-based development faster, easier, and more secure. The main major updates are as follows: 1. EOS VM: The WASM processing engine for the blockchain has a processing speed of up to 16 times. EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE: Reducing the developer threshold, allowing new developers to quickly get started with EOSIO development; 3. WebAuthn support: Secure authentication standards for transaction signatures without the need for additional software or browser plug-ins; 4. Support for weight thresholds Multi-signature: Enables BP to use multiple different private keys for block signing. In addition, BM also said: "If this version has no major problems, this is basically the final version of 2.0. And, it is super fast!"