NEO and MixMarvel jointly launched the world's first large-scale FPS chain tour, 2 million GHT airdrop pre-sale benefits, and took turns in October

Recently, NEO announced an in-depth cooperation with the blockchain game global distribution platform MixMarvel to jointly develop the chain ecology, landing the large blockchain first person shooter (FPS) game Ground Hunter "Jesus Hunt", will be on October 9th Open a series of preheating activities such as airdrops and pre-sale packages worth 2 million GHT for one month. It is worth noting that on September 19, the first 2 million MIX Nuggets event was launched. In just 11 days, the NO.1 creation weapon auction price has nearly doubled, and the single account user has a maximum profit of 4000MIX. The soaring price of the creation weapons means that players at home and abroad highly recognize the quality of Ground Hunter's game. The 2 million MIX Nuggets are just the beginning, and more exciting Nuggets will be launched.
Jedi Hunting is the world's first large-scale mainstream game chain modification product launched by MixMarvel. It will be a high-quality landing on the NEO public chain for NEO eco-users. At the same time, the game will also fully utilize the characteristics of NEO community. The pre-heating period before the Jedi Hunting, the game producer will issue asset benefits and game item benefits for NEO community users.