The DAO withdrawal wallet still has 116,000 ETH not drawn by investors

Three years have elapsed since the AO hacking of Ethereum in 2016, and there are still 116,000 ETHs in the DAO smart contract that are not drawn by investors. The value of these ETHs is about 150 million yuan. It is understood that if you invest in the DAO before the fork, you can now get 40 times the return. However, there is still a large amount of ETH not extracted, which may be related to the loss of the investor's private key and the temporary storage of the token in the contract. According to statistics, 18,000 people invested in theDAO, and the DAO raised a total of 11.7 million Ethereum, which was worth 245 million US dollars. After the hard fork occurred, on the evening of July 20, 2016, the DAO smart contract transferred more than 12 million ETHs to the new smart contract, and this smart contract has only one function: return the ETH token of theDAO investor, the participant is now You can still call the WithdrawDAO method to exchange the DAO coins for the Ethereum token. However, as of press time, there are still 116,142 ETHs not extracted in the smart contract. It may be that these investors have forgotten this matter, or they may have forgotten the private key address at that time. After reviewing the smart contract, it was discovered that investors have recently extracted thousands of ETH tokens, and investors continue to get back the assets invested by theDAO.