Coin Research Institute: Dani has no visible signs for the time being, and the difficult stage of ICO financing is the best time for investment and discovery.

The Qian'an Institute of Micro-Published the article "Complete statistical comparison and simple summary of the small currency of the coin exchange on 18 years and 19 years." The article concludes that: 1. Most of the lists are based on the ETH public chain to solve the pain points. In 17 years, these prosperity created ETH and gave birth to a bull market. The BTC reached a height of 20,000 US dollars. The healthy ecology is the mutual promotion of small coins and mainstream coins and pies (BTC). BTC self-breakthrough alone is bound to BTC can not go to the mainstream, it will only become a speculation; 2, after more than two years of floating, trial and error, the next stage has been or will soon find a more appropriate way to meet the new At the stage, some may usher in a new life; 3. When will the big bull market arrive? At the bottom of the main network, there is still no breakthrough thing. Boca, ATOM, and Ton are not considered to be revolutionary. The big cow can't see the signs for the time being; 4. In the upcoming small currency market, it will start from the old small currency in the picture and then go to some special plates. The high probability of these sectors is based on the second layer and related to the game industry; 5. The popular fried chickens who specialize in providing funds trading will gradually dim and go down; 6. ICO financing has become difficult, and it will be more difficult for the next period of time. This stage is precisely the best time for investment and discovery.