Analysis: Data shows that lightning network capacity is reduced, but its actual use or is still growing

The data shows that the lightning network seems to be losing momentum. The amount of money locked in the second-tier network seems to be decreasing, and it seems that fewer and fewer people use it as a payment method. Although the Lightning Network is still considered a "beta" software, Bitcoin supporters have been interested in it and have been using it. Although its capacity is decreasing, the use of lightning networks may actually continue to grow due to the privacy of the lightning channel and the increase in other channel optimizations. Breez CEO Roy Sheinfeld said: "We don't know the capacity of the lightning network. We only know the capacity of the public channel, but not private." Danny Brewster, general manager of FastBitcoins, said: "The dollar value of the lightning network is increasing. What I see is the price increase, so people need to be locked in the channel with less money to maintain spending power.” Lightluo Labs Chief Technology Officer Laolu Osuntokun explained: “In the past few months, there have been a lot of wallets. Already released, by default it is a non-advertising channel. These channels don't show up on any public metrics, so only half of the channels can be displayed by relying on public metrics. Another reason for the decline in capacity is that some node operators have closed for a while. After the lightning channel without significant activity.