Data shows: arbitrage space between lending platforms is shrinking

On October 8th, DAppTotal issued a report saying that in-depth analysis of the data of five mainstream lending products, including Maker, Compound_V1, Compound_V2, dYdX, and Nuo, found that the total assets lending in September was US$68.8 million, compared with August. A slight increase of 4.4%; borrowed assets totaled 199 million US dollars, a slight decrease of 7.4% from August; outstanding loan assets totaled 135 million US dollars, of which DAI contains 114 million US dollars, accounting for 84.3%, USDC has 18 million US dollars, accounting for 13.4%. The analysis shows that the borrowing interest rate of the lending platform tends to be the same, and the arbitrage space is narrowed; the borrowing market has a low capital utilization rate and is vulnerable to market fluctuations. It believes that in order to improve the efficiency of the use of funds in the overall DeFi lending market, it is necessary to respond to the risk of volatility fluctuations. It is recommended that: First, do more mortgage assets, reduce the single asset fluctuations by adding more value digital assets. Influence; second, do the flow bridge.