MakerDao Q3 Kinetic Report: Dai's monthly average compound growth rate is 27%

MakerDao recently announced the third quarter Dai Data Momentum Report, which outlines key indicators used by Dai during July-October 2019. In the past four months, Dai's activity data has more than tripled, and in September, Dai's independent address was over 66,000. The last Dai data report showed that Dai scored the highest record in May, which is 16,000 active addresses. In addition, another important adoption indicator, “At least one Dai's address number,” shows that Dai is growing steadily with an average monthly compound growth rate of 27%. Dai usage peaked in August, with Dai using more than 109,000 addresses. Of the approximately 80 million Dais currently in circulation, more than half are held directly by private user wallets, 20% of Dai is stored in decentralized applications, 7% is stored in (recognizable) multi-signature wallets, and 6% are hosted in In the cryptocurrency exchange. It is worth noting that the loan agreement Compound stores almost 15% of Dai, and the Compound mobility pool has nearly 12 million Dai, which is about six times that of June.