Analysts: The replacement of the digital currency market by the digital currency platform of the national credit endorsement is the mainstream development trend

According to the Beijing Business Daily, Wang Hongying, dean of the China (Hong Kong) Financial Derivatives Investment Research Institute, said in an interview that the “Lending” products on the blockchain service platform were in compliance with the law. All of the above, the so-called fixed income lending model, is obviously illegal and should be regulated by relevant departments. Secondly, central banks are paying more and more attention to the construction of digital currency system. In the future, the digital currency platform endorsed by national credit will replace the private digital currency market, which is definitely a mainstream development trend. In this context, the entire civil digital currency market still has great instability. Wang Hongying said: "The difficulty of the main supervision is that regional supervision is currently very difficult to implement. For example, these platforms run on the domestic asset side, and the servers are abroad. The current supervision in China can only be carried out from the asset side or from the market level. It is difficult to destroy these illegal platforms from the roots. There are no clear legislations in many countries including digital currencies, including the United States. Without relevant legislative standards, there are many imposing aspects of market supervision. Operational."