V God's speech has repeatedly mentioned encryption economics and talked about PoS related content.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin gave a speech today at Devcon Keynote, and cryptoeconomics appeared at high frequencies. He said that cryptography economics is great because: 1. Cryptography allows us to prove things without hypothetical behavior. If math says it is valid, it is valid. 2. Encryption economics allows us to prove things with the fewest assumptions about the participants. Ideally, the main assumption is that the attacker can and is willing to pay the upper limit of the attack cost. Both are ideal for decentralization/trust minimization systems. He also talked about the goals of PoS: 1. Verifier deposit: We can impose fines on these deposits. This leads to very high attack costs. 2. Final confirmation: If one third of the verifiers must make a unique attributable error to confirm the contention block, the block is finally confirmed. Casper FFG has established rules for this.