Eric's client Parity communication leader: Most of the funded projects related to Ethereum will be created on ETH 2.0 first.

According to Coindesk, on October 8, the Ethereum Annual Developers Conference DevCon 5 was held in Osaka, Japan. The event will last for 4 days and will end on October 11. Peter Mauric, head of Ethereum client Parity communications, said that most of the funding projects related to Ethereum will now be created on the new blockchain (Eth 2.0). No one really knows what Eth 1.0 would look like once Eth 2.0 arrived. The current Ethereum client does not have much new development, and most of the ongoing work is maintenance. The first phase of Eth 2.0, Phase 0, will go live before the first quarter of 2020. The Ethereum moved to Phase 0 will be converted to a new token. These tokens cannot be transferred in the chain for at least six months after the new currency is issued. Prior to this, the user has been in a locked state. There are currently no clear plans on how to move hundreds of Ethereum-based tokens and smart contracts (including DeFi projects) into the new chain.