Ripple CEO: XRP's volatility risk in cross-border payments is lower than legal currency

According to AMBCrypto, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently explained in an interview how the XRP ledger was created and solved the scalability problems encountered by Bitcoin. In addition, he also stressed that Ripple has 55% of its total XRP. Garlinghouse also warned newcomers: "The current 99.9% of encrypted transactions are speculative." More than 2,000 cryptocurrencies can be traded, not necessarily XRP. He added that while the current cost of XRP is about 27 cents, "the value of any digital asset will be related to its utility in the world. Ripple is using XRP to solve this problem." In addition, he will also encrypt the currency and The volatility of legal currency in cross-border payments was compared, saying that XRP is less risky in trading. Garlinghouse also compared Bitcoin and XRP, pointing out that China's mining pools have more than 80% control over Bitcoin mining due to cheaper power, which in itself violates the decentralized nature of the encryption ecosystem.