BitPay CEO: Blockchain innovation will be pushed to the centralized market

According to AMBCrypto, BitPay CEO Stephen Pair recently published his views on the encryption ecosystem on podcasts. Pair said that the Bitcoin white paper was the pinnacle of its failure before various financial projects, including DigiCash, Pretty Good Privacy and B-money. He emphasized Bitcoin's integration of existing technology and coding language: "Zhong Bencong did not reinvent the wheel. But he was able to combine these different technologies to solve the 'Byzantine General' problem so that he could not trust anyone. In the case of this, only believe in this system.” In clarifying the dilemma of buying or mining bitcoin, Pair stressed that mining bitcoin appears to the US Internal Revenue Service to be a loss-making business, although it allows miners to earn bitcoin, but Taxes can only be taxed if Bitcoin is sold. Pair also pointed out that as companies began to adopt cryptocurrencies as "good business decisions," people's mindsets also changed: "Companies are using it (bitcoin) because they get real value from it. This is not because They are fans of the technology, or want to create marketing topics.” Pair also talked about the ten-year value of blockchain innovation (headed by cryptocurrencies) that will be pushed to the centralized market. He added, "Any type of centralized database, such as Facebook, Twitter and Github, will eventually be replaced by a blockchain."