Market Analysis: Mainstream coins collectively gain momentum, waiting for breakthrough opportunities

OKEx analysts said today that according to the OKEx spot display, as of the beginning of the European market, BTC continued to fluctuate downward trend, with a temporary offer of $8179.7 (-0.07%). The mainstream currencies have stabilized after a small decline in the market yesterday, and the long-short power is relatively balanced. Among them, TRX has a relatively strong momentum in the near future. From the 1-hour level analysis, the price has always been above the 30-day moving average, and there is still a chance to hit the recent high point in the short term. XRP was obviously weaker today after the end of heavy volume yesterday. The daily level is now under pressure on the 90-day moving average. If ETH and EOS break through the short-term resistance level or continue the rebound trend with a high probability, the rest of the currencies are still weak, and there is no obvious rebound. . ATOM will test the 90-day moving average pressure today, and if it can't break through the market, it will be short-selling. The OKB spot was temporarily reported at $2.13 (2.19%).