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Jiang Guofei reacted agilely, his speech speed was fast, his speech was extremely offensive, and Zhang Hui was not slow or slow. The characters of these two core figures seem to represent two different temperament of the ant blockchain: fast running in business and technology, siege and attack, and extremely aggressive; while the attitude towards industry and technology is calm and calm, peaceful and reason. One fast and one slow, one by one, and the other is round. ——Tang Xia Ling


Three years ago, when he joined the ant gold suit, Jiang Guofei did not know what to do. At that time, the actor of Ant Financial Service, Ken Xiandong, did not give him a specific business. He did not give an assessment indicator. There is only one sentence: You are going to do innovative business.

What is an innovative business? He pondered for a long time.

Before coming to the ant, Jiang Guofei worked at NEC. He was the head of the company's American Research Institute. He led the team in the fields of IoT, big data analysis, AI, cloud platform, computer security and software-definable network, not only in academics. He has published more than 160 first-class papers and has nearly 100 US invention patents. Because the business contribution has won the company's "Annual Meritorious Award", it is one of the few people who have won the NEC global research and development award so far.

Today, Jiang Guofei is the vice president of Ant Financial Group, the president of the intelligent technology business group, and the core head of the ant blockchain.

After three years of development, the ant blockchain has come out of a rising market: the “double-billion” financial-grade blockchain underlying platform for 1 billion accounts and 1 billion daily trading volume has been built, and it has been implemented in over 40 scenes. application.

Ling listening blockchain (WeChat ID: lingtingqkl) long-term follow-up observation of the ant blockchain, deep dialogue core team, take you to explore the underlying logic of the ant Jinfu layout blockchain.

"Sports" Innovation in "Receipt QR Code"

What is an innovative business? The process of finding directions is difficult and anxious.

By chance, he found that it was inconvenient to confirm the money to the account after paying the small micro-business in Alipay, so he did the collection IOT equipment – Alipay box, now the merchant can only confirm by listening to "Alipay to account xx yuan".

“In February, the company went to the company and the product was sold in the market in October.”

Before joining the ants, Jiang Guofei did everything "high on the ground". For example, he used to provide solutions for the combination of industrial Internet and big data. He ran through many nuclear power and thermal power plants, covering almost every corner of the world.

"Is it too pediatric to do payment equipment compared to nuclear power plants?" I asked.

"No. The core things in the United States and in China are the same, and ultimately they fall to help solve the valuable problems. The payment code is behind a tiny individual, and the power they add up is very large. Operators have a digital age admission ticket with a 'two-dimensional code' , which is an innovation with 'sense'. "Jiang Guofei is quick-thinking, has a fast speech rate, and has a clear-cut view.

This kind of body feeling, Jiang Guofei had personally felt.

Once, he was at the Wuzhen World Internet Conference and wanted to lobbied a very prestigious technical big cow to cooperate. He had not been able to touch him for a long time before he communicated. He invited people to eat. When he walked out of the small restaurant, he brushed the mobile phone to pay. The sound of the Alipay box rang in the corner, and Alipay arrived at XX yuan.

He seized the opportunity to say to others: "The product is what we do. You have to be with us. What we do is perception. It is a rigid demand that can quickly reach a large number of users." The other party was quickly moved.

Jiang Guofei and his team are most eager to quickly transform the cutting-edge technological innovation into more practical solutions , from the initial development of ants' IOT business to the launch of new ecological data products, to today's ant block. chain.


Jiang Guofei is giving a speech

Born to solve the trust problem

This time, Jiang Guofei targeted the blockchain.

At the beginning of the establishment of Taobao, there was no volume for a long time. The buyer paid the money, the seller did not ship, what should I do? Until the introduction of Alipay, the use of platforms to secure transactions, solve the problem of people and people do not trust in the transaction, thus opening a breakthrough. Today, its mobile monthly active users have reached 721 million.

Ten years later, Ant Financial also launched Sesame Credit to solve the trust challenge between merchants and consumers, so that more and more compliance users can enjoy the services such as free deposit rental, renting, paying after treatment.

From secured transactions to sesame credits to ant blockchains, trust mechanisms are built through technology to make trust simple. “Trust” has become the core keyword for Ant Financial's 15 years of development.

Inside the ant Jinfu, the chairman and CEO of Ant Financial, Jing Xiandong, is known as the "block prince." He believes that blockchain is the most ideal technical solution to solve the problem of trust.

The essential difference between the digital world and the physical world is that things in the physical world exist and do not disappear in a vacuum. But the digital world is different, data can be deleted or copied without leaving any traces.

Blockchain technology can make the digital world as authentic as the physical world. The digital records on the blockchain cannot be tampered with and cannot be forged. Smart contracts allow everyone to collaborate more efficiently and build a credible digital economic order.

Ant Financial believes that when the problem of trust is solved by “cancelling the tedious intermediate process”, the efficiency of finance and commerce will be unprecedentedly improved and the cost will be further reduced. This is the general trend of the future era of Internet of Everything.

"Every process is complicated and long, it is the place where trust is missing. We are destroying one by one." Jiang Guofei said.


Zhang Hui released ant blockchain cross-chain products

Red line of ant blockchain

In order to meet this trend, Jing Xiandong demarcated the red line of “three do not do” for the ant blockchain.

  1. Use blockchains to solve real-world problems, making finance and business credible, transparent and efficient.
  2. Constantly overcome the technical obstacles that blockchain links lead to large-scale practical applications.
  3. Work with partners to build an open blockchain ecosystem.

At the same time, ant gold clothes will never touch: now or in the future:

  1. There is no "air coin" of any real value.
  2. Do not make technical applications that violate laws and regulations.
  3. Do not do anything that harms user data security and privacy.

The large-scale commercial application of blockchain is a world-class problem. This technology has been widely criticized because it has not been transformed into actual productivity. However, in the past three years, Jiang Guofei led the team to deliver the answer: for three consecutive years, it has become the world's most patented blockchain technology patent, and has also applied in more than 40 scenarios, most of which focus on the people's livelihood:

In 2018, the world's first blockchain cross-border remittances were launched in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to the Philippines arrived in 3 seconds. Previously, this process took hours or even days;

In the field of commodity traceability, the ant blockchain began from the source of ANZ milk powder, and by 2018, the double-eleven, 150 million Haitao goods realized the origin traceability;

In the field of supply chain finance, relying on the accounts receivable of the core enterprises, the participants in the joint supply chain reduced the original three-month period to one second.

At the product level, Ant Financial launched the self-developed alliance blockchain technology, the financial-grade blockchain BaaS platform, the supply chain financial cooperation platform double-chain communication, the trusted deposit certificate platform and so on.

"The underlying platform has been set up, and then join the ecological partners to enter the vertical industry and promote the development of the blockchain industry." Jiang Guofei said.


Li Jieli, Senior Director of Ant Blockchain, presented the award to the "Ant Blockchain Contest" winning team

Every time I go out to speak, I have to bring a few people back.

Behind the staged results, talent is a decisive factor.

When Jiang Guofei was in the United States, he had a team of about 150 doctors working together to focus on the development of cutting-edge core technologies. After returning to China, he started to build a blockchain team from 0. He is also known as the ant Jinfu "most will burn money", and the money is mainly burned on the talents.

How to recruit people? Jiang Guofei stared at various speech invitations, and he set himself a goal: "Where do I go to the lecture once, I want to bring a few people back."

Today, many of the backbones of the ant blockchain are brought back in various speech occasions.

“The person in charge of the cloud computing service platform was brought back when I was in Shanghai. I went to the United States to give a lecture and brought back a group of technical talents. Last time I went to Columbia University to give a speech and brought back three or four backbones. I have worked for such a technology company like Facebook for many years, and my academic background and research background are very good."

Some of them were moved by the enthusiasm of Jiang Guofei, some were impressed by the knowledge, and some were moved by the vision and mission.

"Quality of talent is very important. In the early days, I really had no way to go out to speak. I must first look at who the audience is. The ant blockchain has become an application service in such a short period of time, from obscurity to now. The global technology brand is the unremitting efforts of the entire team." Jiang Guofei said.

Today, Ant Financial has a core technical team of more than 100 people, 80% of whom are engaged in technology research and development, and have an international background.

However, when the ant core team was formed, it was the time when the digital currency bubble was the craziest. Does the market have any influence on the team? This makes Ling listen very curious (WeChat ID: lingtingqkl)

"There is basically no technology . There is no good or evil in technology. Humanity has a choice. I have written more than 160 academic papers and nearly 100 US invention patents. The whole team has received professional scientific training. Probably the genes in the bones are: basic logic is unreasonable. I don't dare to do things," Jiang Guofei said.

He believes that the rise of various air coins at that time was not a technological innovation, but more of a kind of packaging, which was logically unreasonable. This is contrary to their long-term rigorous academic and scientific training. "So, we won't touch it."


2019 Yunqi Conference Ants Block Chain Ecology Summit Site

Jiang Guofei's ant blockchain 3

"The ants have been implemented in more than 40 industries, so what is your core judgment? What can be used, what can not be used, how to use?" I asked.

Jiang Guofei cleared his throat and said quickly: "Every time I ask myself three questions."

The first is what problem to solve. Blockchain is a technical underlying layer that must be combined with actual scenarios. It may be to solve the problem of trust in the supply chain, which may be to solve the problem of circulation or splitting, or it may be to solve the problem that the parties in the traceability of the goods do not do tricks in the middle. First of all, we must be clear about what to solve, and this is the technical value we have been insisting on.

Second, I will ask myself, must I use the blockchain? Trust, disputes, conflicts of interest, etc., some can be seen clearly, but many are pseudo-needs. So, you need to answer clearly: why you must use the blockchain.

The third one I will think about is where the entire business closed loop is. How to coordinate with the main body, business process, and implementation path, and finally how to achieve a business closed loop. These questions will help us make a comprehensive business judgment. It can solve practical problems, it will inevitably bring practical value. Only by solving the fundamental problems can it bring lasting value.

With regard to how ants' overall business is commercialized, Jing Xiandong has the same thinking: the management of Ant Financial will not talk about specific money or predict future earnings, profits, and returns. What we often discuss is how many people can change because of this, how many small and micro enterprises can be served, and whether a place can be green and sustainable for us.

“I feel that true innovation will win the respect of others. The energy and brainpower of innovation is endless. When you are crazy and have a burning sensation of the stomach, innovation grows slowly. Innovation is not just a matter of thought. In-depth research, understanding, and integration into users can find something." Jing Xiandong said.

On September 26, ants released a new generation of Open Data Access Trusted Service (ODATS) at the Yunqi Conference. The ant blockchain began to travel from one platform to multiple platforms.

Zhang Hui, technical director of the ant Jinfu blockchain platform department and head of the blockchain laboratory of Alibaba Dharma, predicts that in the next three to five years, it may be interoperability between the chain and the chain, and the interworking between the physical world and the digital world. In the end, it will form a huge value Internet, thus realizing the interconnection of all things.

"We believe that the value of the Internet of Everything will eventually come."

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