Avalon's new generation bitcoin mining machine A11 series is available, with a maximum power of 73T and a minimum power consumption of 46J/T

On October 9th, Avalon recently launched a new generation of Bitcoin mining machine A11 series, in which the A1166 rated power is close to 73TH/S, and the energy consumption ratio is 46J/T. The A1146 has a rated power of 61TH/S and an energy consumption ratio of 55J/T. This is one of the most single bitcoin mining machines on the market. Avalon sales director Chen Feng said that the first batch of mining machines of the A11 series has been mass-produced. In the early stage, the company was not pre-sold on a large scale because it was afraid of delays in delivery, mainly for several large customers. The A11 futures from November to December have been basically sold out, and it is now possible to book futures for January. At present, there are nearly 500,000 new orders for A10 and A11, and it is expected to exceed 1 million units in 2020. Chen Feng said that the 7nm and 5nm miners with lower power consumption and higher performance are already on the road.