Babbitt column | Blockchain, digital currency enthusiasts, are you alone?

Buffett has a public question: You want to be regarded as the greatest in the world, but in fact it is the world's worst investor; still willing to be considered the world's most incompetent, but actually the best investor What? What is the difference between the table and the conscience, answer Buffett's question, you will know the answer.

After the big bull market in 2017, the currency circle began to enter a bear market from 2018. Market prices are getting lower and lower. In 2019, after a short period of price rise, it returned to a downturn. In the long downturn, coins and chains have become jokes. You see, someone directly asks questions: blockchain, digital currency enthusiasts, are you alone?

The questioner of this question must have seen the downturn in the currency price before coming to ask questions. Then let's talk about price and investment first.

The vast majority of investors will be unhappy when the current market is in a downturn. This is especially true for the currency circle. The total market value of encrypted digital currencies fell from $800 billion at the end of 2017 to the current $220 billion, and the lowest point this year is close to $100 billion. Market confidence has been hit hard.

Now the currency investors, from the WeChat group, the mentality is mostly very bad. There are many talks about each other and there are many rights violations. It is still possible to maintain a good attitude, mainly from some investors before 2017.

The currency is lonely, isn’t it lonely? Anyway, most investors, the mentality is not good. A good investor is proved to be wrong by the market almost all of the time, because they are looking for opportunities that are "wrong pricing." Investing in big money is nothing more than when it is right, how big the increase is, and there are multiple positions. A 100-fold chance, but only investing 1 yuan, you will earn 99 dollars. A 2x chance, you invested 10 million, you earned 10 million. If you can make a big bet on an investment target, it is best to enter the market in the process of falling. Buying is a loss, loss is a margin, and the more you make up the position, the heavier the position.

On the contrary, if you buy the first time, if you rise, you will not raise it. The position is difficult. This is human nature, and most people are no exception. That's how I am. The chances of making a fortune are all trapped.

Investors who are truly successful in making big money need to go through such a long period of time in the wrong state. Don't be mentally bad because of a short loss, which will prevent you from making a fortune.

In the market, there are losers with bad mentality, and those with good mentality, and some people are potential market participants with emotional excitement.

Many people who hold the legal currency judge that it is now an exciting market entry window. These people are not in a bad mood. They can't wait, and the price falls again.

So, now, how can the people who are arrogant have time to be alone, and they are all excited.

Blockchain, encrypted digital currency, in addition to investment attributes, is also a side of technical attributes. The vast majority of people can see the price side, because the media likes to promote the soaring and falling, and Xiaobian does not understand technology.

Entrepreneurs in the currency circle have no time to be lonely.

The Mars Exchange, today announced the ninth issue of FastTrack voting on the news. In the first period, there are four new coins. From the second period, there are two coins in each period, nine periods, and a total of 20 coins. The first period was on June 13, 2019, and now it is October 9, less than four months, and 20 items are on the fire. This is just a fire coin. I only counted the four-month coin service of the fire coin. If you are interested, go count, ok, and go. On the big exchange, this is the IPO. When the currency circle is lonely, it is starting a business.

Bitcoin mining network computing power exceeds 100E, what is the concept? The total power consumption of mining has reached 6 million kilowatts. It usually burns 6 million kilowatt hours in one hour. It is calculated according to 3.5 kilowatts of electricity. When mining for one hour, it will consume 2.1 million yuan of electricity. The data of mining calculations is five times higher than that of the big bull market at the end of 2017. I will ask you that the people in the currency circle are lonely and lonely, how can you be lonely, mine, and make jokes.

If you go to a number of blockchain meetings, you may ask, is the currency ring too hot now?

The blockchain industry is now very healthy.

We are social animals. We will stand on the perspective of others to reflect on ourselves. We attach great importance to how the external world evaluates ourselves. Looking at the blockchain from an external perspective, it is now miserable, the Great Depression. The outside world thinks that we are engaged in pyramid schemes.

However, there are always some people in the world who are more concerned with their own internal standards and values, and are as free from the external world as possible.

Every day, staring at others how to see our blockchain practitioners, of course, is lonely, everyone thinks we are stupid*. But we will measure the meaning of Bitcoin itself, the value of the blockchain itself, and we look at our own growth. Rather than looking at other people who are not in the bureau.

Author: Huang Shiliang

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