VanEck Asset Strategist: It may be a great benefit to include Bitcoin in your portfolio.

Gabor Gurbacs, VanEck's asset strategist, recently compared Bitcoin to "Digital Gold" in his blog, which he mentioned as a precious "value reserve" like a precious metal. The currency value of Bitcoin comes from a similar background, such as gold or silver, because its value exceeds the intrinsic value of any economic commodity. When correlated with the risk and return conditions of other assets, Gurbacs believes that due to the asymmetrical return on Bitcoin, allocating a portion of the funds on Bitcoin may improve the individual's investor portfolio. When talking about the entire industry, Gurbacs said that cryptocurrency transactions are currently in a stable state. He said that retail investors are more likely to get bitcoin and other altcoins, while the over-the-counter and futures markets are building their own space in the asset industry.