The Jinan Area of ​​Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone launched the “Enterprise Start-up” platform based on blockchain technology

According to Xinhua News, on October 9, the press conference of the Jinan Municipal Government officially announced the “Implementation Plan for the Financial Reform Pilot of the Jinan Area of ​​the China (Shandong) Free Trade Experimental Zone”. According to Liu Yanqiu, director of the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in early September of this year, the Jinan Area Comprehensive Service Center of the Shandong Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially put into operation, applying the “enterprise start-up” platform based on blockchain technology, which can quickly complete the new business license. Business matters such as seal registration and engraving, social security registration, etc., the shortest time is only 47 minutes, the average business processing time is 120 minutes, and the commitment time limit is reduced by 75%, which greatly reduces the financial cost of the enterprise and the cost of the people.