Tianjin Port Improves Business Environment by Blockchain

According to People's Daily News, on October 8, "blockchain decoding cross-border trade, digital economy to help technology finance – Tianjin Port Blockchain Technology Finance and Empowerment Trade Press Conference" was held in Tianjin. At the meeting, Wang Libing, deputy director of Tianjin Customs, said that since 2018, the General Administration of Customs, Tianjin Customs, Tianjin Port Office, under the joint efforts of trade, logistics, finance, and science and technology units, "blockchain cross-border trade through train The platform has been successfully launched and successfully verified, and the blockchain has been applied to the whole process of cross-border trade. Wang Libing introduced that in terms of technological innovation, the “blockchain cross-border trade through train platform” adopts the new technology of distributed blockchain; in terms of system innovation, the General Administration of Customs and Tianjin Customs and Tianjin Port will try first and give blockchain supervision. Innovative supporting policy system; in model innovation, blockchain is an innovative model for solving the relationship between trust mechanisms in trade ecology; in terms of ecological reconstruction, through the decentralization of blockchain, trade, logistics, finance, and supervision The equal integration of many cross-border trade participants has solved the problem of information islands and realized the information interconnection and data mutual trust exchange in the ecology.