Monthly report | ICO is back to life? September cryptocurrency financing increased by 33 times

In September, the total financing amount of cryptocurrency reached 383 million US dollars, an increase of 347.87% from the previous month.

Among them, ICO financing is “returning to life”. With the data of 378 million US dollars of financing, it occupied the dominant position of total financing data in September and increased by 3174.89% compared with August.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Coin Schedule)

As of October 8, the interchain pulse statistics, according to Coin Schedule statistics, the total amount of cryptocurrency financing in September was 383 million US dollars, compared with August's $ 85 million, more than three times. Excluding the $1 billion that BITFINEX raised through IEO in May, the total amount of cryptocurrency financing in September will be the highest this year. Compared with the previous peak, the $348 million in March also increased by 10.05%.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Coin Schedule)

Among them, the most noteworthy is that the ICO financing amount in September accounted for almost the total proportion of total financing, reaching 378 million US dollars. And, compared with the $11 million in August, it has increased by more than 33 times.

At the same time, the ICO financing data for September has become the highest value of financing data in 2019. Compared with the previous peak of January ($288 million), it also increased by 31.25%.

And with the ICO financing data re-emphasizing in the field of cryptocurrency financing. In contrast, the IEO financing amount has dropped significantly. In September, the IEO financing amount was only 0.05 billion US dollars, a decrease of 93.1% from the previous month. It became the lowest value of IEO financing in the first three quarters of 2019, even less than the trough of $0.6 billion in February.

The amount of financing has soared, the amount of IEO financing has plummeted, and the data on STO financing has continued to be sluggish. In September, no one was interested, and the second financing data was 0 after July 2019. At the same time, the inter-chain pulse observation, the STO financing data in the second half of 2019 seems to have no signs of recovery.

Regardless of STO, the interchain pulse further analyzes the data development trends of IEO and ICO. By observing the proportion of IEO and ICO financing data in the total amount, it can be observed that IEO financing and ICO financing are not always dominated by one party, but are still in the process of continuous struggle between the two sides.

( Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Coin Schedule)

ICO financing dominated in the first three months of this year, and IEO financing in the April-May period took the upper hand. In the second half of the year, ICO and IEO were the top picks for the replacement of cryptocurrency financing: ICO financing dominated in June; the two parties were basically flat in July; IEO financing dominated in August; ICO regained its dominant position in September. During this period of struggle, the gap between the ICO and IEO financing in the total amount is gradually widening.

Inter-chain pulse observation, ICO financing in September accounted for a large proportion of the total, not only the increase in the number of financing projects, but also the amount of financing for individual projects. In August, the Coin Schedule platform included a total of four ICO financing projects; in September, 10 ICO financing projects were included.

Among them, the financing amount is in the first place of the project Kinesis, which is a total of 193 million US dollars, accounting for 51.25% of the ICO financing amount in September. It is reported that Kinesis is a revenue-based digital currency based on 1:1 distribution of physical gold and silver. This is followed by a distributed development platform and a set of open source tools to build and guide the distributed application and protocol ecosystem Blockstack project, which is $52 million. Ranked third is the Russian Miner Coin, which is worth $43 million.

In terms of IEO financing, only one project was included in the Coin Schedule platform in September. That is, the EMX project has a total of 5 million US dollars, and the amount of financing is relatively small. In the specific financing area, the financing area of ​​IEO in September was the trading investment field.

(Cartography: Interchain Pulse Data Source: Coin Schedule)

On the other hand, the specific financing area of ​​ICO financing is also a large proportion of trading investment; however, it is mainly concentrated in the financial sector in August, and it has been dispersed in September. The specific areas are also involved in mining, energy, and art.

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