The survey shows that 93% of the dark market supports Bitcoin transactions, and BTC, XMR and LTC are preferred.

According to The Block, The Block reached the following conclusions by analyzing 31 dark net markets (a total of 61 dark nets were investigated and only 31 were accessible): 1. About 93% of them supported bitcoin transactions; The average type of cryptocurrency supported by each dark network is about 2.4; 3. The most cryptocurrency selected by the dark network is: Bitcoin, Monroe, and Litecoin; 4. Among the eight assets supported by the Darknet, there are three With privacy features, namely, Monroe, Zcash and Dash; 5. Litecoin, although the daily trading volume is not as good as Ethereum, but the merchants who accept Litecoin in the dark network are twice as large as the latter; 6. There are nearly three One of the dark market offers multi-licensed hosting support.