In 2019, Hurun’s Rich List was released, and 5 people from Bitland were on the list.

On October 10th, Hurun Research Institute released "2019 LEXUS Lexus Hurun Report". This year, Hurun Research Institute has released the “Hurun Report” for the 21st consecutive time since 1999. The list has been kept at 2 billion yuan for the seventh consecutive year. The deadline for the calculation of the wealth of entrepreneurs on the list is August 15 this year. In the list, entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry include Zhao Changpeng (18 billion yuan), founder of OKCoin, Xu Xing (10 billion yuan), founder of fire coin Li Lin (7.5 billion yuan), Maoqi Technology Founder Wang Mingxi (6 billion yuan), Yibang International founder Hu Dong (6 billion yuan), Jia Nan Zhizhi has three members, namely Liu Xiangfu (3.9 billion yuan), Zhang Nanxuan (3.9 billion yuan), Li Jiaxuan (3.8 billion) RMB), there are five people on the Bitland list, namely, Zanke Group (30 billion RMB), Wu Jihan (17 billion RMB), Zhao Yufeng (5.1 billion RMB), Ge Yueyu (3.5 billion RMB), Hu Yi (34 100 million yuan).