Netac Technology has once again increased its daily limit, and the company claims to have two digital currency related patents.

According to the Beijing News, Netac announced on the evening of October 9 that the company currently has two "digital currency" related patents, one for the design patent "flash disk (cold wallet)", the patent application date is 2018 9 On the 10th of the month, the authorization announcement date is June 28, 2019; the other is the invention patent “Digital Money Wallet, Trading Method, Trading System and Computer Storage Media”, which is filed on February 27, 2019. It is in the substantive examination stage and has not yet been authorized. According to blockchain industry insiders, the form of flash disk (cold wallet) can enhance security, and the digital currency wallet is made into hardware form for isolation. The digital currency has risen and stopped. As of press time, except for Netac Technology, Keda shares and Julong shares have been increasing daily, and Jinguan shares and Hengbao shares have risen more than 5%.