Alipay Security Center: Alipay is prohibited for cryptocurrency transactions

On the afternoon of October 10, the official Weibo of Alipay Security Center stated, “Reaffirm our attitude towards over-the-counter trading of virtual currency: prohibiting the use of Alipay for cryptocurrency transactions. If the transaction is involved in bitcoin or other virtual currency transactions, Alipay will Stop the relevant payment service immediately. If the merchant involves virtual currency transactions, it will be resolutely retired; if the individual account is suspected of virtual currency transactions, the account collection function will be restricted according to the circumstances, and even the payment measures will be permanently restricted. It is understood that yesterday (October 9th), the currency announced the opening of the OTC trading function, the currency security CEO Zhao Changpeng said that users will soon be able to use WeChat and Alipay to purchase cryptocurrency. This Alipay statement is suspected to be a response to this matter.