Jiang Zhuoer: Bitcoin is at the turning point of evaluation; in the long run it is a good Stud location

In response to the “do not support virtual currency trading” microblog published by Alipay Security Center, Jiang Zhuoer commented on Weibo today that every big bull market is accompanied by traffic injection from traditional institutions, the most typical of which is the 2013 CCTV report and The intensive bombing of QQ pop-ups. Alipay's Weibo is very interesting. It is different from the previous one. Bitcoin is a scam for MLM. Most of the top-to-back comments are support for Bitcoin, but the reply to each one is familiar with the "scams". . It seems that Bitcoin is at the turning point of evaluation. Jiang Zhuoer also replied to netizens that in the long run, it is a good Stud location, and it is best not to take a tenfold increase in the price of 20%-30%. It is necessary to shorten the time for the investment, and complete all purchases within 2019 (preferably within 10 or 11 months).