US CFTC Chairman: ETH is a commodity that will allow Ethereum derivatives to trade in the US market in the near future.

According to Yahoo Finance, Heath Tarbert, who just took over as chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in July this year, said that ETH is a commodity and therefore falls under the jurisdiction of the CFTC. He also expects that the CFTC will allow ETH derivatives to be traded in the US market in the near future. He said, "Our position on Bitcoin is very clear: Bitcoin is a commodity. So far, we have not said anything about Ethereum." "As the chairman of CFTC, I think Ethereum is a commodity. As for other cryptocurrencies, Tarbert admits that the positioning of many tokens "is ambiguous in the market," but he said that in the end "similar digital assets should be treated similarly." Tarbert added that "forked" assets such as BCH, BTG, and ETC are generated by the original underlying blockchain fork, and should be treated like the original asset. "Assume that the fork does not affect the Howey test factor, nor will it Other issues that create a definition of securities. In other words, the CFTC's classification of each token depends on how the token is made.