Web3Journal founder accuses OpenLibra proponents of abandoning ICO project Wireline

According to News Logical, a Chinese investor accused Lucas Geiger, the Libra unlicensed version of OpenLibra, of abandoning the 2018 ICO project Wireline. Web3Journal founder Andrew Lee claims that he and his friends invested $1 million in Lucas' ICO project in 2018, but did not see the founder taking any practical action. He said that Lucas has not responded to the news for several months. Before tempting them to invest in Wireline, Lucas and project consultant Sizhao Yang made a lot of false promises: claiming that the creator of OmiseGO will be responsible for marketing, and the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) will invest. Andrew said that no one is recommended to invest in OpenLibra.
Wireline co-founder Lucas Geiger recently announced at the Devcon 5 conference in Japan that they will create a blockchain called "OpenLibra", which will be an unlicensed version of the Facebook blockchain.