Babbitt midday news

1. Securities Daily: The role of the blockchain information service record number should be squarely addressed and should not be over-interpreted. 2. The Bank of Communications issued its 2018 annual report, referring to the application of blockchain technology. 3. Report: The number of blockchain projects in China accounts for 25% of the global total. 4. Yonsei University and Pohang University of Technology will try out the “blockchain campus”. 5, Forbes announced "Asia's 30 elite under 30 years old", a number of blockchain investors were selected. 6. Encryption fund ecological list: A total of 117 institutions, the traditional VC accounted for 50%. 7, data show: the competition currency season has arrived, more than 20 kinds of competition coins have doubled this year. 8, data show: BTC popularity hit a new high in March, but the flow rate growth slowed for 2 consecutive days.