IEO project yield statistics: 39 projects, 18 breaks, average total return rate of 71%

As of October 10, 2019, 18 of the 39 IEO projects in the currency, fire, OKEx, Gate and Kucoin have been broken, accounting for 46% of all 39 projects. The average yield of these 39 projects is 71%. The current highest rate of return is Gate's IEO project Sero, which is now 8 times the price of the issue; the most serious project is Kucoin's Coti, which has fallen compared to the issue price. 84%. Among the nine IEO projects of the company, the average yield is 89%, of which, Celer, Perlin and the latest project Band have been broken. The wave field DApp project Wink is also close to breaking. The most serious of the breaks was, which fell 64% from the issue price. Followed by Perlin, it has broken 53%. The current highest rate of return is Matic, which has continued to rise during the Ethereum Devcon period, with a temporary rate of return of five times.