Holo Chinese Community: Investors have received a Holo Mining Refund

According to BlockBeats, a member of the Holo Chinese community said today that investors who participated in crowdfunding at Indiegogo had received a refund after submitting a refund request. The refund currency was US dollars. At the same time, community volunteers said that investors who previously purchased HoloPort can apply for a refund and get a refund after approval. It is understood that Holo started crowdfunding in crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in 2017, raising a total of about 1.04 million US dollars, a total of 2007 people involved in crowdfunding. Most of the crowdfunding items listed on the Indiegogo platform show shipment dates of 2018. However, due to the delay in the Holo main network, these products could not be delivered on time. The Indiegogo platform comment area had previously asked investors to ask for a refund, and Holo officially replied that the refund process had been taken.