Lawyer's point of view: The CFTC chairman claimed that Ethereum was a commodity because it was too large.

In response to CFTC Chairman Heath Tarber claiming that Ethereum is a commodity, Preston Byrne, a senior partner at Byrne Storm, raised doubts. In a blog post, Byrne claimed that the CFTC chairman's assessment of Ethereum was incorrect. Ethereum and soybean had something in common that was less common than stocks. Byrne continues to say that if the US SEC does not decide to give Ethereum special treatment, the CFTC chairman is unlikely to say that Ethereum is a commodity. As for why the SEC chose to close one eye, Byrne said: "The difference between Ethereum is for a reason, not for what the law says. Maybe it has become too big. If you think this is an investment. The contract may cause too much damage to investors and encryption companies. I can speculate that the only reason that Ethereum is treated differently is that the plan is huge, and many large venture capital companies are lobbying, hoping for a special Ways to treat this token, making it different from all other tokens. They succeeded because money can make a ghost."