Report: Despite the bearishness in the third quarter, the number of online platforms and transaction volume of encrypted derivatives has increased significantly.

Recently, CoinGecko released a quarterly report on the cryptocurrency market. The report points are as follows:
1. The market value and trading volume of cryptocurrencies are in a downward trend in the third quarter. The market value has decreased by nearly 100 billion US dollars, and the overall transaction volume has dropped by about 42%;
2. The market dominance of Bitcoin increased from 65.0% to 70.4% (+5.4%);
3. Bitcoin computing power and Q3 rose more than 92%, a record high;
4. The cryptocurrency derivatives ushered in explosive growth, rising from six in early July this year to 17 in early October. Among them, Bitmex, Coin Security, OKEx, Kraken, Fire Coin, and BitFlyer are representative platforms.
5. Despite the bearishness in the third quarter, the derivatives exchanges performed strongly, with significant trading volume peaks recorded during the price volatility (end of September).