Guangzhou Internet Court and Jingdong reached blockchain technical cooperation

The development of blockchain technology has solved the problems of privacy protection, credit security and data storage in the era of big data, and the application scenarios of blockchain technology have become more and more extensive.

Recently, Jingdong Group and Guangzhou Internet Court signed a cooperation agreement on “trusted electronic evidence platform” and “judicial credit co-governance platform”. It is understood that this cooperation Jingdong provides the core technical capabilities of the blockchain and has become an integral part of the construction of the “Netcom Law Chain” smart credit ecosystem in the Guangzhou Internet Court.

As an innovative measure of the Internet Court of Guangzhou, the “Netcom Law Chain” smart credit ecosystem is based on the underlying technology of the blockchain and builds a “one chain and two platforms” through extensive integration of ecological partners with professional leadership and social service awareness. A new generation of smart credit ecosystem. The system aims to solve the security, calibration convenience and verification credibility of key judicial information deposits in e-commerce, and effectively solve many problems such as many network dispute cases, difficult to prove evidence, low credibility and difficult to verify. To promote more efficient and standardized legal implementation, and truly promote the digitization of judicial work, and to achieve "let more data run errands and let the masses run less."

Through the cooperation agreement between the two parties, the “trusted electronic evidence platform” and the “judicial credit co-governance platform”, the blockchain digital deposit certificate platform of Jingdong District has realized various kinds of network evidences such as contracts, mails, web pages, voices and pictures. Docking the “Netcom Law Chain” for chain deposit and supporting the systematic docking of litigation evidence, greatly shortening the resolution time of Internet activity disputes and simplifying the appeal process.

It is reported that the cooperation between the blockchain of Jingdong District and the Guangzhou Internet Court has been combined with the actual scene. As the first batch of e-commerce business applications that are connected to the “Trusted Electronic Evidence Platform”, when the user rents goods on the Jingdong Xiaobai credit leasing platform “Jingxiao Rent”, if there is a related business dispute, the “Xiao Xiao Rent” can be realized. The platform applied for evidence on the platform and filed a complaint with the Guangzhou Internet Court. The Guangzhou Internet Court confirmed the credibility by confirming whether the evidence was tampered with by comparing the hash value.

The signing of the cooperation agreement with the Guangzhou Internet Court and the construction of the ecosystem are the important landings of the blockchain technology as the core technology capability of Jingdong Digital Technology, and another milestone in the connection between the blockchain digital deposit certificate platform and the Judiciary in Jingdong District.

(Securities Daily reporter Yu Deliang)

(Original title: Jingdong Blockchain helps the judicial system to achieve high efficiency and transparency)