China Xintong Institute released "New Global Digital Economy (2019)"

On October 11th, at the opening ceremony and theme summit of China International Digital Economy Expo 2019, China Information and Communication Research Institute released "New Global Digital Economy (2019) – Accelerating Growth and Reshaping Growth", covering 47 countries around the world. The focus of digital economic policy, the overall situation, digital industrialization, industrial digital transformation and other aspects. The white paper mentions that the global digital economy is booming and occupies a central position in the national economy. In 2018, the total size of the digital economy in 47 countries measured in this report exceeded US$30.2 trillion, accounting for 40.3% of GDP. Among them, about half of the country's digital economy scale exceeds 100 billion US dollars, and the US digital economy ranks first in the world, reaching 12.34 trillion US dollars. China still maintains the status of the world's second largest digital economy with a scale of 4.73 trillion US dollars. The rapid growth of the global digital economy is the key to coping with the downside risks of the economy. The global digital economy structure is optimized, and the digital transformation of traditional industries has become the dominant factor. The ICT industry is leading the development of the digital economy, and the ICT service industry has become the backbone of the digital industry.