At the site | Is Staking suitable for small white users to invest? How does the market turn from bear to cow? Listen to the hot topics in the industry

With the continuous development of blockchain ecology, Bitcoin and Ethereum are no longer the only focus of the community. A large number of projects that have emerged in recent years have allowed us to see new possibilities and opportunities in the blockchain world.

The ChainNode live room invited Guo Yu, founder of Ambi Labs, Liu Yi, founder of Cdot Network, James, founder of DFG, Yang Sheng, blockchain system architect of Anne, and Zhao Dong, founder of RenrenBit, chief security officer of imToken, Blue, slow fog The heads of science and technology products, such as Qifu, have discussed a number of hot topics such as Web3.0, Staking, IEO, and supervision. From technology, supervision, investment to application, all aspects are exhausted. Let us follow the footsteps of big coffee. Looking for the direction of the industry, Imagine the blockchain for a new decade!

0~13:48 Essence short video version

13:48-19:12 Guo Yu, founder of Anbi Lab

19:12-31:03 Liu Yi, founder of Cdot Network

31:05-40:14 DFG founder James

40:15-47:50 Yang Sheng Blockchain System Architect Yang Sheng

47:50-56:50 Ren RenBit founder Zhao Dong

56:50-01:05:43 imToken Chief Security Officer Blue

01:05:44-01:10:53 Qifu Technology Product Manager Kaifu

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