Data: The number of active developers in Ethereum exceeded 200,000, exceeding the number of DAPP daily users

According to the block rhythm BlockBeats report, Ethereum1MillionDeveloper data shows that there are currently 200,000 active developers on the Ethereum blockchain, but according to DappTotal data, the current EAP DAPP yesterday has about 20,000 users. BitInforChat data shows that October 10 The number of daily active addresses is 349,000. If DAPP users are used for calculations, the current developer of Ethereum may exceed the number of DAPP users, and most active Ethereum addresses actually use the token transfer function instead of DAPP running on Ethereum. But this does not mean that the number of Ethereum users is too small, but it means that the Ethereum developer community is very strong, and only a strong community can foster a healthy ecology. Of course, the low daily DAPP users may be related to the low frequency of use of some DAPPs. Ethereum developers also have a lot of participation in protocol development, rather than participating in DAPP application development. Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin said in DevCon5 that there are currently 30 million developers worldwide, and he hopes that the number of Ethereum developers will exceed 1 million when they reach DevCon6.