Analysis: If you invested $1,000 in the top ten cryptocurrency five years ago, the return now stands at $13,880. today issued a statement saying that it is back five years ago (Fall 2014) to rank the top 10 cryptocurrencies (BTC, XRP, LTC, BTS, DOGE, NXT, PPC, NMC, XCP) on October 11, 2014. And DASH) each investing $100 for a total of $1,000, then the portfolio will now be worth $13,880. Of the 10 tokens invested, only 4 are losers: NXT, PPC, NMC and XCP. Among the tokens that earned revenue, XRP rose the most and exceeded 5600%, DASH increased by more than 3000%, the $100 BTC will become $2260, LTC's final price is about $1,500, and even DOGE is eight dollars higher than the original investment. Times.