Q3 data for firecoin contract: daily average trading volume reached 2.9 billion USDT, an increase of 57% from Q2

According to the official disclosure of the fire currency contract, the total amount of unilateral transactions in the third quarter of the fire currency contract was equivalent to 269.3 billion USDT, and the average daily trading volume reached 2.9 billion USDT. The average daily trading volume increased by 57% compared with Q2; among them, the fire currency contract In August, the average daily unilateral transaction volume exceeded 3 billion USDT, a new monthly high in 2019. In terms of depth, as of September 27, the depth of each currency of the Coin contract has increased several times. The BTC quarterly contract has a 0.1% depth and the daily pending order amount exceeds 410,000 USDT. The 0.5% depth of the pending order exceeds 1.12 million USDT, BTC The monthly compound growth rate of the 0.5% spread of the quarterly contract reached 19%. In addition, it is reported that the average daily trading volume of the Coin Contract in the third quarter increased by 44% compared with Q2, an increase of 368% compared with Q1.