Polkadot parallel thread code has been merged, the problem of the initial number of slots will be solved

According to the BlockBeats news, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood announced that the parallel thread (parathreads) proposed by the Polkadot team at the end of July has been successfully merged into the Polkadot main code. This means that developers will be able to operate in the Poca ecosystem at a lower cost, sharing scarce resources on the main network. Parallel threads are a new abstraction. The implication is that if your project does not require the functionality and throughput of all parallel chains, you don't need to pass all the block data through all the verifier nodes, like parallel chains. And so on are packaged into the block. If your project just needs to process a portion of the transactions you need to process and package them into chunks when you need them, it's better to use parallel threads. This design allows the development team to compete for the main network parallel chain slot, take more time and effort to concentrate on development, and continue to enjoy the security and interoperability of the relay chain.