The web wallet Safuwallet was hacked and the user responded that his coin security DEX assets were stolen

Enerel Ohayon, CEO of cryptocurrency wallet ZenGo, issued a warning on Twitter: The webpage cryptocurrency wallet Safuwallet has been hacked into malicious code and stole a lot of money, while @赵长鹏 said that you may need to look at this because it is especially The name of the "SAFU" fund. In the Google store, Safuwallet is introduced as "the e-wallet installed on the Binance chain", which has been removed from the Google Store. Some users indicated in the comment area that the use of Safuwallet resulted in the theft of their coin DEX assets and provided the wallet address and the chain address of the asset transfer. In response to this matter, the money security staff said that the currency has issued an announcement at the first time, saying that if the wallet is installed, please uninstall it as soon as possible and take the funds out of all associated wallets.